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Elementary School Athletics 

K-6 Sports at American Renaissance School are managed by the ARS Youth Athletic Association (ARSYAA). 

The ARSYAA is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that strives to promote fun and safe enrichment opportunities to the K-6 youth of American Renaissance School through athletic programs for young boys and girls. 

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Middle School Athletics 

Welcome to American Renaissance Middle Athletics. We strive to grow students in the classroom as well as on the field or court.  Allowing your student to be a part of a team at ARS middle helps them gain valuable life skills that they cannot get from working solely inside the classroom.  These skills of teamwork, perseverance, grit, sportsmanship, and integrity will serve them each day in the classroom as well as throughout life.

Let's PLAY!

ARS Spirit Rock

The ARS Spirit Rock is a project by the ARSYAA. 

1 Day - $12.00
2 Days - $22.00
3 Days - $30.00

Reservations are 6 pm - 6 pm (eg, rent the rock for Nov. 14 and you can paint it after 6 pm on Nov. 13 & your message will remain until at least 6 pm on Nov. 14). Want your message to last longer? You can rent multiple, consecutive days. For Monday rentals, you can paint the rock at any point during the prior weekend. Reservations must be made at least 3 days in advance. Your reservation is only final after payment.
Thank you for your support of ARS athletics!


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