American Renaissance School

The best choice for education in North Carolina.

American Renaissance School is a K-8 public charter school in Historic Downtown Statesville. ARS originally opened as American Renaissance Charter School in 1998 and American Renaissance Middle School in 1999. The two merged in 2007 to form ARS as we know it today.

Our mission is to ensure a standard of academic excellence by providing a nurturing environment that allows each child to reach their fullest potential as students and citizens.

Our vision is to be the best choice for education in North Carolina. Our board, administration, staff, and teachers, with parental and community input, have identified our core beliefs and core values, which in turn are reflected in our strategic priority areas. These guide our daily operations at all levels.

Core Beliefs

We believe in a standard of academic excellence as demonstrated by:

  • The development of a community of learners that learn by critical thinking, collaborating, and communicating as well as by embracing continual growth and change
  • Each student maximizing his or her academic potential
  • All students achieving a year’s growth in a year’s time
  • Continuous improvement of achievement results
  • ARS working to ensure quality teachers in every classroom and quality administrators in both buildings

We believe a nurturing environment is created by:

  • The establishment of a culture of respect, integrity, openness, honesty, and fairness with all stakeholders. Our stakeholders are the: students, parent, community, teachers, staff, administration, and Board of Directors connected to and serving ARS.
  • An emphasis on positive parent involvement leading to increased student success
  • Effective communicators using verbal, written, artistic, and technological forms of communication
  • All stakeholders taking ownership for the education and well-being of each child
  • The emphasis on valuing diversity in our community and in how students learn

We believe all students will reach their fullest potential by ensuring:

  • The provision of a 21st Century education and the tools and resources that will prepare students for the future
  • Teachers have appropriate professional development opportunities
  • The Board of Directors, administration, staff, teachers, and students believe in and embrace the school’s vision and mission
  • All members of the educational community are responsible for a successful learning environment
  • There will be an emphasis on educating and developing the whole child, focusing on each child’s fullest potential

Priority Areas

  • Academics
  • Financial Health & Stability
  • Communication
  • Quality Personnel
  • Parental and Community Involvement
  • Nurturing Environment
  • Safe School Guidelines
  • Extra-curricular Opportunities

Core Values

ARS is...

Academic Excellence

... providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum with all involved being committed to the highest expectations of performance in all areas


... being thoughtful of or showing regard for the worth or value of someone or something; treating everyone and everything, especially one’s self, with dignity


... being free from threat, both physically and emotionally


... knowing and choosing right over wrong; being responsible and taking ownership of our behavior as individuals


... to advocate learning and growth through trusting relationships, positive motivation, and service in a collaborative environment

We greatly value the feedback of our parents and community!
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