ARS Gifted Program

Our mission is to ensure a standard of academic excellence by providing a nurturing environment
that allows each child to reach their fullest potential as students and citizens.

At American Renaissance School we offer a gifted program to students in grades 3rd-8th who qualify for gifted  services.  Students are provided instruction using enrichment-style activities that involve all academic subject areas that promote higher order thinking and project based learning activities facilitated by a teacher certified in gifted education. Students who are identified as gifted will also be placed in accelerated classrooms for reading and/or math in grades 4th-8th.  In grades K-2, “watch” groups will be provided with students who have shown above grade level academic achievement determined by their teachers and the gifted program coordinator. 

In order to qualify as AG or AIG, students must meet the first requirement *plus* two of the following three criteria:

  • CogAT Aptitude Test: 

90% or above in verbal, non-verbal, or quantitative sections (AIG)

85%-89% or above in verbal, non-verbal, or quantitative sections (AG)


  • EOG in Math and/or Reading -- 90% or higher
  • Final Grade in Math and/or Reading -- 90% or higher
  • MAP scores in Math and/or Reading--90% or higher

All students in 3rd grade will take the CogAT assessment. Students in 6th grade will have the option to take the CogAT assessment at the beginning of the school year. 

ARS Parent/Guardian Rights

Gifted Program Glossary of Terms

NC Standards for Academically or Intellectually Gifted Program Standards

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