Request for Proposal: Cleaning Services

Summary Statement
American Renaissance School (ARS) is a tuition-free K-8 public school authorized by the North Carolina State Board of Education as a North Carolina Charter School. 

A non-mandatory pre-RFP conference will be held Friday, October 25 at 3:30pm at American Renaissance School 132 E Broad Street, Statesville, NC.

Questions on the RFP must be emailed by Monday, October 28th at 6:00pm to Jim Duffey ([email protected]) and will be answered to all. RFP responses are due Tuesday, October 29th at 6:00pm to Jim Duffey ([email protected]).

Selection Criteria
ARS selection committee will review the packages and reserves the right to interview select contractors.
Final selection of contractor by the selection will be made by the selection committee and a recommendation will be made to the Board will be made on Nov. 6 at our monthly board meeting. Selected company must be available to begin work on Nov. 15, 2019
RFP may be delivered in person or by email to:  Jim Duffey at [email protected] 

This Request for Proposal invites responses from qualified sources to provide for custodial and related services to American Renaissance School (ARS). The response should be a clear indication of the CONTRACTOR’S ability and pricing strategy to provide a program that will offer improved services and an enhancement in the quality of the school building environment. Auxiliary services, which augment school cleanliness, are appropriate elements of the submittal. The response should be concise and informative. 

ARS is divided into two campuses both located in Downtown Statesville, North Carolina. The Elementary School Campus is located at 132 E. Broad Street and the Middle School Campus at 217 S. Center Street. 

Currently the school serves 595 students in grades K-8. The K-5 building is approximately 34,000s/f the Middle School is approximately 24,000s/f.
A program of total quality standards, documented procedures, work schedules, and in-service training and development in support of these procedures is necessary to maintain the appearance of all the schools. Custodial services must be managed to achieve greater quality and cost efficiencies and to make more effective use of resources such as staffing, supplies, equipment, time and capital. All existing work practices and procedures need to continue including “Use of Buildings” activities by both school and outside groups. Current planned summer activities include Summer School and Summer Feeding Programs. Summer activities are subject to change. 

It is the intent of this RFP that the CONTRACTOR provide ARS with CLEAN, HEALTHY AND SAFE schools and EXCELLENT service. Where the documents are not definitive on what is expected to keep an area clean, it is the CONTRACTOR’s responsibility to rely on his/her own professional judgment as an expert in the field as to what it would take to keep the area CLEAN. This is the partnership spirit in which this RFP is written and is to be accepted. It is also to be understood that when an area is not being kept clean, the cleaning cycle may be revised in order to keep the area clean at no additional cost to ARS. 

The following are general qualifications and requirements of the CONTRACTOR. The CONTRACTOR must: 

  • Be currently providing the type of custodial services depicted with the solicitation and as represented by submittal response of the CONTRACTOR. 
  • Employ the staff and resources to support a project of this magnitude, including the necessary technical and administrative personnel. The CONTRACTOR must be able to administer the program locally and to assign the necessary support staff locally. 
  • Show evidence of established processes and procedures for research and development in the area of custodial services which qualify the CONTRACTOR to provide necessary custodial services; 
  • Show ability to guarantee cost-effectiveness as evidenced by the results of successful contracts with other schools or districts. 
  • Show evidence of fiscal stability and solvency, and maintain appropriate insurance coverage to protect the interest of the CONTRACTOR and the ARS; 
  • Have the line and staff support to provide an effective quality improvement program and make available technical support when required by the ARS. 
  • Have demonstrated and documented a high customer satisfaction and contract renewal rate. 
  • Have a proven strategy to attract, develop and retain qualified custodial employees to fulfill the contract for ARS. 

The CONTRACTOR will include all supervision, labor and custodial supplies to clean all facilities identified. 
ARS will continue to supply disposable items such as trash can liners, toilet paper, paper towels and hand soaps. 
The CONTRACTOR will be responsible for inventory management and storage of supplies. 
The CONTRACTOR will be responsible for supplying all wet and dry mops. 
The CONTRACTOR will be held responsible for any and all damage resulting from improper use of tools, materials and equipment. Damage will be repaired at no cost to ARS. 
The CONTRACTOR will develop operating procedures and guidelines from established sound, proven methods insuring a quality custodial program. 
The CONTRACTOR will utilize work measurement techniques to determine the cleaning needs of each school. This approach will provide reasonably equal responsibilities for each member of the custodial staff and consistent appearance for the school. Documented lists and floor plans must be provided showing the area of responsibility for each individual custodian.
Summer Cleaning Program – This contract includes all regular daily classroom cleaning at all schools/rooms holding summer school sessions when summer school is in session. “Summer cleaning” also includes all jobs and areas that are listed in the Schedule of Duties as either “yearly” or “summer” and any other work that cannot be done during the normal school year. 
ALL OF THE AREAS ARE TO BE CLEANED ACCORDING TO THE FOLLOWING RECOMMENDED GUIDELINES. Variances from these guidelines must be identified in the proposal. 
1. Empty wastebaskets; haul full plastic bags to waste receptacle. Daily 
2. Complete dusting of all high and low areas and wet wiping. As needed 
3. Spot mop tile and wood floors. Daily 
4. Spot clean walls, doors, interior glass and hardware. Daily 
5. Wash chalkboards and rails. Daily 
6. Clean sinks. Daily/Additional as needed 
7. Wash furniture. As Needed 
8. Wash all interior and exteriors of exterior windows. Summer/As Needed 
9. Refinish all hard surface floors. Summer/Winter 
10. Wash all walls from ceiling down. Summer 
11. Wash walls in classrooms from chalk rails down. As needed 
12. Wash all lockers inside and outside. Summer 
13. Refill dispensers, paper towels, toilet tissue. Daily/As Needed 
14. Vacuum and spot clean all carpeting. Daily 
15. Clean/polish non-student desks. Upon request 

16. Replace trash can liners. As needed 

17. Burnish floor tile. Summer/As Needed 

18. Clean lights and vents. As Needed 

19. Secure all interior doors. Daily 
1. Empty wastebaskets. Daily 
2. Complete dusting. Daily 
3. Spot clean walls, doors, mirrors and partitions. Daily 
4. Refill dispensers, paper towels, toilet tissue. Daily/As needed 
5. Sanitize all porcelain sinks, urinals and toilets. Daily 
6. Clean all furniture and fixtures (chrome) and sanitize. Daily 
7. Wet mop floors with sanitizing agent. Daily 
8. Clean floors. Daily 
9. Wash walls. Summer/As Needed 
10. Clean lights and vents. As Needed 
11. Refinish hard surface floors. Summer/As Needed 
1. Dust Mop. Daily 
2. Sweep and damp mop steps. Daily 
3. Wash all woodwork in corridors and handrails. Weekly/As Needed 
4. Spot clean walls, doors and lockers. Daily 
5. Refinish floors. Summer/As Needed 
6. Auto scrub halls. Daily 
7. Wash walls, doors and doorframes. Summer/As Needed 
8. Clean door glass. As Needed 
9. Sanitize drinking fountains. Daily 
10. Vacuum entrance mats and spot clean. Daily 
11. Burnish hard surface flooring. Weekly 
12. Empty trash containers/replace liners. Daily/As Needed 
13. Secure all doors and windows. Daily 
1. Keep clean and organized at all times. Daily 
2. Keep sinks clean and wiped out. 
3. Keep supply inventory stored properly. Daily 

1. Clean after public use of building at night. Daily 
2. Clean and disinfect drinking fountains. Daily 
3. Clean and disinfect sinks. Daily/As needed 
4. Vacuum upholstered furniture. Weekly 
5. Extract upholstered furniture. Summer 
6. Clean all baseboards. Weekly 
7. Refill all dispensers. Daily 
8. Secure all buildings at end of day. Daily 
1. Spot clean inside car walls. Weekly 
2. Sweep floors. Daily 
3. Mop floors. Weekly 
4. Sanitize button panels As needed 

ARS and the CONTRACTOR will be responsible for the security of the building, i.e. all doors and windows closed and locked, any damaged or broken windows patched up and secured, lights turned off, etc at the end of each day's work. The CONTRACTOR will be expected to actively participate in securing the buildings by engaging in such duties as to ensure the security of each building to include the following and any other responsibilities as may be requested by ARS. 
A. Close and lock all windows and doors at the end of the shift/day as needed. 
B. Turn off all lights not in use. 
C. All doors and windows and emergency exits will be locked before the CONTRACTOR or CONTRACTOR's employees depart the area unless such area is still in use by ARS. When a building is still in use at the end of the last shift of the CONTRACTOR, The CONTRACTOR is responsible to communicate to the Principal or designee that the CONTRACTOR is no longer in the building to assure that the building will be secured at the end of the day. 
D. No unauthorized persons will be allowed in the building. 
E. Work shifts will be approved by ARS. 
F. Lock up times will be approved by ARS. 
G. Keys will be issued by ARS. CONTRACTOR will be responsible for all keys issued to the CONTRACTOR and the CONTRACTOR’s employees. No keys shall be duplicated. In the event keys issued to the CONTRACTOR are lost and such loss compromises the security of the building or district, the CONTRACTOR will be responsible for re-keying the building(s) or area. The CONTRACTOR will be responsible for all costs associated with such re-keying. 
H. The CONTRACTOR will be held completely responsible for internal area security if its employees are the only occupants of the building. 
I. ALARM Security Codes may be issued by ARS for buildings where alarms are installed on an as needed basis. The CONTRACTOR must notify the Director of Security of any condition involving past or present CONTRACTOR employees which may necessitate the changing of any security codes used in any building. The CONTRACTOR must ensure that the security codes are protected and not used inappropriately. 

7. THEFT – the CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for its employees and shall reimburse ARS for any thefts of money, equipment, supplies or food or any other School or personal property on site that is not owned by the CONTRACTOR, that is attributable to its employees or by the negligence of its employees by bond or other approved financial agreement. 

A. All cleaning supplies will be provided by the CONTRACTOR. 
B. Exceptions: ARS will provide the following: 
Paper toweling for hand towel dispensers 
Toilet tissue 
Hand soap for dispensers 
Trash Liners 
C. The CONTRACTOR shall complete a materials list of all supplies and materials used in ARS. The CONTRACTOR shall comply with all requirements of the Employee's Right to Know Law and shall furnish ARS with all material safety data sheets (MSDS) The CONTRACTOR shall be responsible to ensure that a copy of the MSDS are updated, maintained and available in the office of each building and any other areas as required by ARS.

A. The successful CONTRACTOR will provide qualified staff necessary to perform cleaning duties as specified and requested. All workers assigned to ARS facilities will demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the building principals, an attitude of service to the students, staff, parents and guests. Workers will contribute to the overall success of the educational mission of the school and school district and contribute thoughtful suggestions for improvement. Workers will cooperate with all staff to set a tone of a welcoming and accepting atmosphere for students, staff, parents and guests. 
B. It is the sole responsibility of the CONTRACTOR to determine staffing levels to meet the needs of ARS. It is the responsibility of the CONTRACTOR to service all buildings when school is in session and to be able to respond to immediate issues and needs as they arise, along with maintaining overall cleanliness of each building on a daily basis. The employees of the CONTRACTOR will not be considered employees or independent Contractors of ARS. The CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for all wages, benefits, insurances and employment costs associated with any and all employees of the CONTRACTOR. 
C. The CONTRACTOR will provide a proposed staffing schedule by building, of work days and hours for each employee employed by the CONTRACTOR to service ARS to include school days and non- school work days. If school is cancelled for inclement weather or other purpose as may be deemed necessary by ARS, the contracted service is expected to report to work, unless notified by ARS differently. 
D. The CONTRACTOR is solely responsible for recruitment, selection and hiring of employees. 
E. The CONTRACTOR is responsible to abide by all applicable state and federal wage and hours laws, as well as other employment laws which may currently apply to such CONTRACTOR. 
F. The CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for adequate management supervision of the CONTRACTOR's employees and to oversee the operations of the CONTRACTOR while the CONTRACTOR’s employees are performing services to ARS. 
G. The supervisor will meet with the building principal or designee on a regular basis as agreed upon by ARS, to keep the principal apprised of on-going operations. 
H. In order to maintain successful ongoing cleanliness of buildings and services performed, the CONTRACTOR will ensure minimal turnover of employees. Excessive turnover, in the sole judgment of ARS, shall be grounds for non-renewal or termination of the contract. 
I. The CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for all training of the CONTRACTOR's employees related to proper cleaning techniques, cleaning standards, safety, North Carolina and OSHA Employee Right to Know regulations, OSHA Blood borne Pathogens Standard, OSHA Asbestos Awareness training as well as any other applicable current or future safety regulations. 

J. The CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for all safety equipment required by its employees. The CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for training its employees on applicable school board policies and procedures, understanding school procedures, appropriate public interactions and appropriate training to perform other assigned duties. 
L. All supervisory and cleaning personnel are to be employees of the CONTRACTOR. ARS reserves the right to require the CONTRACTOR to replace any worker for any reason not prohibited by law. The CONTRACTOR is responsible for any cost associated with employment changes as a result of this provision. 
M. The CONTRACTOR shall be responsible to ensure that the buildings are staffed at the scheduled and appropriate times and to secure qualified and trained substitutes in the event the regularly scheduled employees are unavailable. 
O. The contractor will be responsible for ensuring the completion of a criminal and sex offender background check utilizing the standards and vendor required by the school. Background checks must be repeated annually. Contractor must be aware that a felony record or any sex offense will automatically disqualify and employee from working at the school. 
The CONTRACTOR shall submit the proposal in the required format utilizing the cost format represented on attached Bid Information document.  
The successful CONTRACTOR must be fully capable of performing the proposed services within its own resources and may not presume to assign, transfer, or sublet any portion of this work or contract without the express written consent of the ARS. Noncompliance with this requirement may result in immediate disqualification. 
The CONTRACTOR shall disclose any apparent conflict of interest that may exist between the CONTRACTOR and any Board member, any employee of ARS, any member of the immediate family of the employee and/or any party the CONTRACTOR contemplates may provide services or materials under this RFP, if the CONTRACTORS proposal is selected. During the bidding process, the CONTRACTOR shall direct all communications, comments, questions, etc. in writing to the contact person. 
Each proposal should contain the CONTRACTOR’S best terms. 
ARS reserves the right to terminate the bidding process at any time for any reason. 
Responses and proposals must be valid for at least ninety (90) days after the submission date. 

The selection of a CONTRACTOR under this RFP will be based upon the following evaluation criteria. 
Management and operations team 
Approach to cleaning 
Training program 
Safety program and safety record 
Supervisory Plan
Relevant experience or your organization with similar facilities 
Minimum of three (3) references of current clients involving the same services as requested 
Relevant experience of your proposed team 
Depth of resources available in your organization 

14. CONTRACT TERM: The contract term is to be for the remainder of the fiscal year starting Nov 15, 2019 and ending on June 30, 2020. Pricing shall be included as part of the proposal. ARS will process payments on a monthly basis to the CONTRACTOR. ARS reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time with thirty (30) days written notice to the CONTRACTOR. 

15. SUBCONTRACTING: The CONTRACTOR shall not subcontract without the express written consent of ARS. 

The CONTRACTOR shall maintain insurance and bond coverage and furnish the School with evidence of such coverage upon submitting this bid. The CONTRACTOR shall provide Certificates of Insurance prior to commencing work in the school naming theARS as an “Additional Insured.” The CONTRACTOR is responsible to provide successive certificates of insurance on or before the expiration date of each policy. 
The personnel employed by the CONTRACTOR at ARS’s facilities will at all times remain the employees of the CONTRACTOR. All employees of the CONTRACTOR assigned to duties at ARSs’ facilities must be acceptable to ARS. 
Each of the CONTRACTOR’S personnel shall be responsible for reporting any suspicious event or presence to ARS. This includes any unusual circumstances found while performing the tasks required by this RFP. 
CONTRACTOR personnel will report any broken, vandalized or damaged property regardless of its nature to the Building Principal or designee. 
All employees of the CONTRACTOR will be required to be readily identifiable as such while working on ARS premises. 
The CONTRACTOR will make every effort to complete the assigned tasks without disruption to ARS’s employees and students. Routine services such as office cleaning, room cleaning, etc., will be scheduled during non-work hours or as mutually agreed upon between ARS and the CONTRACTOR. 
The CONTRACTOR will observe the same school calendar schedule as ARS.

PDF Copy of this RFP

K-1 TeachersYou will see that ARS is:Academic ExcellenceRespectSafetyIntegritySupport
K-8 Interventionist (part-time)You will see that ARS is:Academic ExcellenceRespectSafetyIntegritySupport
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