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Aug 15, 2019 -- Posted by : admin

Upcoming Dates

  • Friday, August 16th
    • Half Day for Kindergarten
    • Middle Campus Students to Dan Nicholas Park in Salisbury
    • Discount Card fundraiser kickoff
    • FREE DRESS FRIDAY (for Elementary Campus; Middle Campus to wear Field Trip or Community Partner shirts at DNP)
  • Monday, August 19th
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​FULL DAY for Kindergarten; dismiss at 2:45
    • B Day for Middle Campus students
    • 8:00am: New Family Breakfast @ Donovan Cook Center, Elementary Campus
  • Tuesday, August 20th
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Lunch Orders for September open on MyPaymentsPlus.com

Latest News

Free Dress Friday

It's true! Tomorrow is the FIRST Free Dress Friday of the 2019-2020 school year. Our teachers have their lists of families who have prepaid for free dress for the entire year. If you'd still like to sign up for Free Dress Friday all year, the option will remain available on MyPaymentsPlus.com until August 30th. If you prefer not to prepay, you may also send your student in with $1 cash on the Fridays they wish to participate.

Please note: because Middle Campus students will be traveling to Dan Nicholas Park tomorrow, they will not be able to participate. They must wear a Field Trippin' or Community Partners shirt.

New Family Welcome Breakfast

RAP will host our annual New Family Welcome Breakfast for parents new to ARS on Monday, August 19th, from 8:00am-9:00am in the Donovan Cook Center at the Elementary Campus. We look forward to seeing you there!

Technology Fees

The first payment toward the $50 Technology Fee is due on MyPaymentsPlus.com by August 30th! The minimum payment is $10. To make a partial payment, click into the "$50" box and edit it down to the amount you wish to pay (minimum $10). If you choose to make payments, the final payment is due by November 30th, but your first payment must be made by August 30th.

Also, please remember that we MUST have a signed Network Required Use Policy on file for all students in order for them to use the Internet or technology at school. This form will automatically pop-up for your signature when you make your first Technology Fee payment. Additionally, we MUST have a signed 1:1 Device Agreement on file for all students in grades 4-8. This form will also pop up when you make your first Technology Fee payment if your student is in these grades.

Please contact john.mairs@arsnc.org with any questions. Also, please let us know if this fee represents a financial hardship for your family; we may be able to help!

MyPaymentsPlus Sponsor Payments

We'll have a new option on MyPaymentsPlus.com this year: sponsor payments! By popular request, for many field trips and other items, we will also create a sponsor option. This will allow you to purchase an extra field trip seat, planner, etc. for us to donate to a family in need.

Any activity that says "SPONSOR ANOTHER STUDENT" in front is a sponsor payment. Please be careful not to confuse this with the payment options for your own student(s)! Please contact john.mairs@arsnc.org if you accidentally made a sponsor payment when you meant to purchase something for your own student; in most cases, we can easily reallocate your payment toward your student without much hassle.

We hope you will consider making a sponsorship payment any time you're able! We appreciate your help supporting every member of our ARS community.

Middle Campus Volleyball

We have a significant interest in middle campus volleyball for the fall, but we need a coach. If you are interested in coaching middle campus girls' volleyball, please email Rob Orrill at rob.orrill@arsnc.org for details.

PikMyKid Dismissal

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during dismissal these first couple days! While it can always be improved, we're happy to report that our first two days of dismissal have been pretty smooth overall.

To help us keep things moving during this hectic time, it is very helpful for parents to use the PikMyKid app to "Announce" themselves when they arrive to car line or the walker area at the elementary campus. If you haven't already, please consider downloading and registering for the PikMyKid app. Remember to still display your car tag either digitally or on paper in car line; a staff member must check you in to car line even when you announce yourself, but it's faster for us to confirm an Announced parent than it is for us to enter your number(s). A copy of the PikMyKid Parent Guide is available on our website. Please contact either front office or PikMyKid Parent Support if you have any trouble!

Standing News

Alumni Database

We're working diligently to create the first-ever ARS alumni database. We hope this will allow us to more easily keep up with our alumni, as well as give us the data we need to create an alumni showcase feature on our website. If you or someone you know is an ARS alumnus, please ask them to fill out this survey and submit a current headshot. We're especially interested in hearing from those who have started their careers and can serve as inspiration for our current students and prospective new families; however, we welcome any and all alumni contributions. Thank you!

Annual Fund

As a public charter school, ARS relies on the support of its community. Please consider setting up a recurring donation this year! You can choose to give as little as $5 per month, and this is easier for many families than making one big donation per year. Visit the Annual Fund page on our website to learn more and sign up!


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