Admission Policy

American Renaissance School is a tuition free public school dedicated to the success of all students. Admission is open to any North Carolina resident of proper age, unless demand exceeds the number of spaces permitted in a charter school agreement with the State.

Admission Process

All applicants must complete an application and return it to the school prior to the designated deadline. This includes siblings of current and/or past students. Applicants must provide all information requested in the application. Failure to complete the application in full will remove your application from consideration. If the number of applications exceeds the number of slots available, a lottery date will be set, applicants notified, and a lottery held to fill openings. All other applications will be placed on a waiting list set by the lottery. The open enrollment period for the 2017-18 school year ended on March 3, 2017.

Lottery Process

The lottery process is set by State Law and the school follows all sections of the law outlined by the State of North Carolina. The enrollment lottery is random, transparent, and open to the public. The 2017-2018 enrollment lottery will be held Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 6:00pm in the Elementary Campus Board Room. The lottery will consist of up to 18 sub-lotteries for siblings and new students applying to each grade level. All open positions for each grade level will be filled, then a wait list will be created based on the order from the lottery. Sometimes current or recently admitted families change their plans; it is not uncommon for wait listed families to receive calls throughout the spring and summer. For more information, see our 2017-18 Enrollment Lottery Process (coming soon).

Sibling Information

Per state law, qualifying siblings of current and former students are eligible for priority in the enrollment lottery. A sibling must live in the same household and be a direct sibling of the current or former student; this includes step-siblings, half-siblings, and foster siblings. To qualify as the sibling of a former student, the former student must have been enrolled at ARS for a minimum of 3 years and must have completed 8th grade with us.

Multiple Births

Siblings part of a multiple birth are considered together in the lottery; if one sibling is accepted, the other sibling(s) must also be accepted.

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