Faculty & Staff

Phone extensions between 100 and 299 are K-5. The number is 704-924-8870.
Phone extensions between 300 and 399 are 6-8. The number is 704-878-6009.

First Name Last Name Position Email Address Phone Extension Website
Danielle Abbott Teacher Assistant abbottd@arsnc.org    
Theresa Ballard Teacher Assistant ballardt@arsnc.org    
Cathy Berkley 6-8 Science Teacher berkleyc@arsnc.org 311  
April Beukes K-1 Teacher beukesa@arsnc.org 109  
Hannah Brantley 5 Science & Social Studies Teacher hannah.brantley@arsnc.org 116  
Jennifer Bridgford Teacher Assistant bridgfordj@arsnc.org    
Beverly Brown Teacher Assistant brownb@arsnc.org    
Teresa Brown 6-7 ELA Teacher brownt@arsnc.org 310  
Kris Cichelli Teacher Assistant cichellik@arsnc.org    
Casey Clendenin K-1 Teacher casey.clendenin@arsnc.org 110  
Jenni Conine 4 ELA Teacher coninej@arsnc.org 112 Click Here
Megan Cummings EC Teacher cummingsm@arsnc.org 211  
Danielle Cusick 3 ELA Teacher cusickd@arsnc.org 121  
Kate Czerwinski 3 Math Teacher czerwinskik@arsnc.org 219  
Michelle Davis 3 Science & Social Studies Teacher davismic@arsnc.org 140  
Mike Davis K-5 PE Teacher davism@arsnc.org    
Carrie Dotson 2 Teacher dotsonc@arsnc.org 105  
Jim Duffey Middle Grades Principal duffeyj@arsnc.org 302  
Jessica Duncan Elementary Grades Principal duncanj@arsnc.org 125  
Sandy Durham K-5 Administrative Assistant durhams@arsnc.org 127  
Hannah Ellis 2 Teacher ellish@arsnc.org 212  
Tina Farewell Teacher Assistant farewellt@arsnc.org    
Yvonne Foster Speech Pathologist fostery@arsnc.org 203 or 323  
Todd Fowler 6-8 PE Teacher fowlert@arsnc.org 318  
Tami Frutig K-1 Teacher frutigt@arsnc.org 111  
Clara Gomez Teacher Assistant gomezc@arsnc.org    
Doug Griffith 6-8 Social Studies Teacher griffithd@arsnc.org 306  
Sandy Gross Teacher Assistant grosss@arsnc.org    
Melissa Hertel Teacher Assistant hertelm@arsnc.org    
Kim Holshouser K-5 Nurse holshouserk@arsnc.org 134  
Stephanie Hummel EC Teacher hummels@arsnc.org 313  
Emily Keith 4 Science & Social Studies Teacher keithe@arsnc.org 106 Click Here
Stewart Kincaid 6-7 Math Teacher kincaids@arsnc.org 315  
Jan Lackey Teacher Assistant lackeyj@arsnc.org    
Jennifer Lloyd 6-8 Spanish Teacher lloydj@arsnc.org 307  
John Mairs Technology Director mairsj@arsnc.org 309 or 137  
Amy McCachren K-5 Art Teacher mccachrena@arsnc.org 107  
Amy Morley 4 Math Teacher morleya@arsnc.org 120  
Beth Odom Teacher Assistant odomb@arsnc.org    
Lauren Oliphant K-1 Teacher oliphantl@arsnc.org 119  
Rob Orrill 7-8 Math Teacher orrillr@arsnc.org 317  
Cheryl Pierce EC Teacher piercec@arsnc.org 322  
Kelsie Powell Teacher Assistant powellk@arsnc.org    
Brad Rashley 6-8 Music Teacher rashleyb@arsnc.org 320  
Adrian Reece 2 Teacher reecea@arsnc.org 153  
Robyn Robbins K-1 Teacher robbinsr@arsnc.org 132  
Emily Robinson EC Teacher robinsone@arsnc.org 104  
Sarah Rogers K-5 Music Teacher rogerss@arsnc.org 142  
Betsy Rosenbalm EC Director rosenbalmb@arsnc.org 139  
John Saunders Maintenance Assistant saundersj@arsnc.org    
Debbie Shaginaw K-1 Teacher shaginawd@arsnc.org 108  
Kathy Shipman K-5 Data Manager shipmank@arsnc.org 131  
Sandra Smith EC Teacher smiths@arsnc.org 133  
Kim Smyth 5 Math Teacher smythk@arsnc.org 117  
Shelley Soltysiak Teacher Assistant soltysiaks@arsnc.org    
Caroline Speaks 5 ELA Teacher speaksc@arsnc.org 118  
Casey Steeb Teacher Assistant steebc@arsnc.org    
Elina Torrealba K-5 Spanish Teacher torrealbae@arsnc.org 122  
Tracy Turner 7-8 ELA Teacher turnert@arsnc.org 319  
Anita Waugh 6-8 Administrative Assistant & Nurse waugha@arsnc.org 301  
Savanna Wilkins 6-8 Art Teacher wilkinss@arsnc.org 312  

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